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Share America was founded in the year 2000. We are a small, local company, who each year introduces 150 French and Spanish teens to the American way of life. Our goal is to make this a memorable experience for both the host family and the student. We hope to see lifetime relationships formed from this experience, as well as cultural exchange between family and student.

Hosting a student from a different culture is a positive experience for any type of family. It is amazing to see the bonds formed between the student and their “American Family”. The host family will expose their own family to a new and different culture, while sharing the America way of life with their new “son or daughter”. By sharing your life with an international student, you can form a lasting relationship and open up the opportunity to travel abroad. . Many of our host families have visited Europe to see their new found friends. In fact, a teenager from our program traveled to Spain and attended the University there for a semester, while living with her Spanish sister and family.

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