American Flag

American families are known around the world for their warmth and generosity. Every year, families “Share America” with exchange students from all over the world who are eager to discover new attitudes, languages and ways of life. Your family can be a part of this cultural adventure by opening your home to an international student.

Host families are not expected to plan costly excursions or spend excessive amounts of money. By living with their “American Family”, students will gain first-hand experience about the typical American way of life. Your role as a host family is to provide a warm and loving home with meals, local transportation, and a comfortable bed. Students should not be treated as guests, but as members of the family. Along with this privilege comes responsibility; he or she will participate in family activities and household chores.

2 excursions per week are organized by the local coordinator. Families are invited but not required to attend. All students speak English, have their own spending money and are fully insured.
There are incredible personal rewards to hosting a student from abroad; you’ll expose your family to a new and different culture. You and your student will learn about customs of another culture, try new foods, learn about holiday traditions, play new games, and more. You will gain a lifelong friendship with your new “son” or “daughter”, rediscover America through the eyes of your student, and meet new families in the community. You can make a difference in the lives of these special young people!